5 creative spare time activities

Hey everyone, since I'm somehow a creative person I thought I would share 5 creative spare time activity ideas with you guys. All t...

Hey everyone,

since I'm somehow a creative person I thought I would share 5 creative spare time activity ideas with you guys. All these activities are things I'm really passionate about. So I hope you like it.

1. Learn a language 

Most of us have to learn a language in school in my case it was Latin. I hated it so so much. like really it was the worst subject I ever had. But last summer I started to learn korean and it's much better. Maybe it's because it is a total different language but maybe it's also because it was my own decision to learn it. I can learn in my own tempo and do not have to rush like in school. You could also try to leran a new language maybe italian, french, japanese or whatever you're interested in.

2. Learn how to play an instrument

Since I was young i wanted to play an instrument but I never started. In 2016 I got more and more interested in playing ukulele. One day I just went to an instrument shop and bought my very first ukulele. I was so happy that day because finaly a dream came true. I don't have uke lessons but these days you can learn everything on the internet. I just watch tutorials on Youtube. It works pretty well. I would not say I am super good by now but it's getting better and I've learned a lot just in five months. If your also thinking about starting to learn how to play an instrument you could check out all the great tutorials on youtube. There are so many for almost every instrument you could imagine.

3.Write (stories, poems, blogposts...)

Since I was little I was always writing stories. I was dreaming about becoming an author. I don't want to become that anymore but I still really enjoy writing. Maybe not stories anymore but now I like to write blogposts. It's just super relaxing to me and I love to share my thoughts with others. 


If you're a creative person just like me you could do some DIY's. You can find so many diy ideas on the internet. no matter if it's room decor, jewerly or anything else. I really like to do things myself instead of buying them. Often it is much cheaper and the best thing is that it is unique. No one can have the exact same. It is also great for gifts, because it will have something more personal.

5.Take pictures/film short movies

This is something I  am really passionate about. I just love taking pictures excpecialy of nature. Sadly I don't own a good camera by now to take my photography skills to another level but I still really do love it. Another thing I am really intersted in are movies. I'm even thinking about becoming a movie director. You could film and direct your own short movie. I haven't done that by now but I want to in future. I already thought about some great ideas. It just costs a lot of time and a good equipment which I do not have. You could also just use your phone but I am a perfectionist when it comes to this kind of things.

So these were all my ideas. 
Tell me how you spend your free time in the comments.


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2 Kommentare

  1. Schöne Ideen! Ich liebe es DIY´s zu machen. :)
    Liebe Grüße Lisa♥

  2. Great! I love DIY's !

    Liebe Grüße