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Hey everyone, This is my first post on this blog ! I already had a blog before but I wanted to do a fresh start on a new blog with...

Hey everyone,

This is my first post on this blog !
I already had a blog before but I wanted to do a fresh start on a new blog with a new design and new posts. I had the feeling that my old blog just didn't fit my style anymore, soo...here it is, my new blog "clueless". I actually called it "clueless" because that's my all time favorite movie and I get so much inspiration from it. I am literally watching it every week and I'm in love with the nineties fashion in general.
I also love 90s music. But that's not the only reason why I chose this name. It has so many different meanings to me. In some kind of way we're all clueless because we don't know what's coming next and all of as are still searching for who they are or who they want to be. I'm clueless about what I want to become. I'm clueless about who I will become. I'm clueless about what the future brings. I think we will always be clueless about something even if we are 90 years old. We still won't know what will happen next.

Honestly, I don't know what else to write in this first post...I guess I will tell you a bit about myself briefly:

My name is Megan, I am seventeen years old and I live in Germany. I am a vegetarian.
My main passions are acting and playing the ukulele. I've recently started to learn Korean, because Korea inspires me so much. I just love the language and I'm also addicted to k-pop. Ok...I think some of you might now think I'm really wired but I just think people should go out of their comfort zones and do what they love even if it's not main stream or common. Society puts so much pressure on us.
Ok back to my short self description...
My dream is to travel to every country of the world and I want to find a place in the world where I feel home, a place where I feel comfortable, a place where I want to spent the rest of my life and create a future.
I'm listening to music most of the time and if it's not k-pop it's twenty one pilots, panic! At the disco, fall out boy, my chemical romance or Green Day.
Oh and I'm also addicted to movies like clueless, grease, Harry Potter & love Rosie. Series I like are Friends, Pretty little liars and Gimore Girls.
I also like fashion, chocolate, sunsets, art, sewing, reading, taking pictures, books, the beach, palm trees, cats, tea, fresh fruits, black nail polish, fairy lights and dream catchers.
So this was my short self description.
I hope you will like the posts that will follow soon.

Thanks for reading


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4 Kommentare

  1. Ein sehr schöner Post, so konnte man gleich ein wenig was über dich erfahren! Ich mag den Film Clueless auch sehr, ebenfalls einer meiner Lieblingsfilme. Dein Blogdesign gefällt mir super!
    Freue mich auf kommende Blogposts!

    Alles Liebe, Anne
    Bei mir laufen gerade 2 Verlosungen, würde mich freuen wenn du vorbeischaust!

  2. Ein super Post und willkommen in der Bloggerwelt :)
    Ich höre auch immer Musik und Panic! At The Disco und Fall Out Boy sind meine liebsten Bands. War auch vor kurzem auf einen PATD Konzert, dazu gibt es auch einen Post auf meinem Blog.
    Den Film Clueless finde ich super und ist ebenfalls einer meiner Lieglingsfilme.
    Habe dir sofort gefolgt und freue mich auf deine weiteren Beiträge.
    xx Katha

  3. Toller Beitrag !
    Ich bin echt gespannt auf deinen Bog , auf deine vielen weiteren Beiträgen !

  4. Das ist wirklich mal ein etwas anderer erster Post. Ich mag deine Art zu schreiben total und bin sehr gespannt auf weitere Posts. Green Day und generell 90er Musik so wie Gilmore Girls finde ich auch super. Irgendwie erinnern mich deine Hobbys und interessen und die Art wie du dich Vorgestellt hast total an eine gute Freundin von mir^^
    Liebe Grüße,
    Leona <3